Monick Halm

Monick Halm is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. She is an educator and advocate for female real estate investors, and has a mission to help 1 million women achieve financial freedom through real estate. Monick is herself a real estate investor and syndicator, and owns, together with her investors, over 1300 rental units across six states.

She is also a #1 bestselling author, podcast host, Real Estate Strategy Mentor, wife, and mother of three amazing kids. In 2020 she is fulfilling a long-held dream and spending the year traveling the world with her husband and daughter.

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Tiffany High

Tiffany High is a self made, real estate entrepreneur based in Columbus Ohio. As founder of Heels Homes, Tiffany has developed a track record of success, closing over 160+ wholesale and rehab deals in 2019. Tiffany's real estate results go beyond the wholesale/rehab industry, building an active rental portfolio while coaching some of the top aspiring real estate entrepreneurs on the systems that have made her successful.

Tiffany and her husband/COO Josh High, have built an industry standard, systematic approach that allows entrepreneurs to scale their business by delegating tasks, lowering lead costs and overhead, all while increasing bottom line profits. Tiffanys focus is helping entrepreneurs scale their business, with a lean team and proven follow up processes. Her approach allows entrepreneurs to take back control of their business by focusing on income producing tasks.


Jennifer Coronado
Fire Damage Profits & COO of Wiin LLC

Jennifer Coronado, Co-Creator of Fire Damage Profits & COO of Wiin LLC

Jennifer is on a mission to help investors learn the exclusive niche of wholesaling fire damage properties. She has a background in operations and system integration, which provides her students with a distinct advantage to learn industry optimal practices. Her emphasis on business and leadership development has been a vital role in wholesaling over 30 million dollars worth of real estate over the last 6 years with Wiin LLC.


Elizabeth Navarrete
 Houston REI Network, LLC

Elizabeth Navarrete is the founder and CEO of Houston REI Network, LLC. She is an avid real estate investor and Realtor with a social worker background. She made a successful professional career in social work advocating for the community in need. Her impact in the community ranged from advising immigrants at a non-profit organization working alongside one of the most reputable immigration attorneys to allocating resources for low-income families and teens as a case manager at an inner city middle school.

Elizabeth has always had a drive and passion to making a difference in other people’s lives. Her social service background has enabled her to be a compassionate, caring and very successful investor. She sees the need and addresses the call to action to improve communities by renovating Houston and Chicago neighborhoods, one house at a time.

With a track record of flipping over 300 homes, Elizabeth always seeks to improve her skill and is passionate about guiding new investors establish and develop their own successful real estate investing firms. Elizabeth has been featured on several radio and You Tube shows since 2004 including ESPN, Univision Radio and Propelio TV sharing her experience and knowledge to motivate and empower aspiring entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth is well known in her community as she is often invited to public speak on her journey as an Entrepreneur and also shares how she has successfully transitioned within the real estate space. She is also a founder of the highly successful event, Wholescaling Live which took place in Houston, TX in 2019 for real estate entrepreneurs looking to scale their real estate business operations.

Elizabeth enjoys traveling abroad; you can even catch her investing overseas as she owns several residential and commercial investment properties in South America.


Jamisa McIvor
Rosebud's Investments

By age 26, Jamisa McIvor has become one of the most powerful and self-starting female millennial entrepreneurs that has taken the real estate industry by storm. It chronicles her journey from a novice property owner to deed holder of 18 mortgage-free properties purchased through her company, affectionately named after her grandmother, Rosebud’s Investments.

Jamisa got her start in real estate when she purchased her first home from her grandmother. Fueled with courage, willingness, determination and confidence, Jamisa began mastering the craft of real estate. That initial investment catapulted Jamisa into becoming a skilled and innovative investor that serves as a stellar example to those desiring to become new investors and entrepreneurs.

An innovative spirit, Jamisa has created a simplistic strategic investment plan all people of all ages and all walks of life can implement. A wife, mother and servant leader at heart, Jamisa has created a welfare-to-work program under her company’s umbrella that serves both single and married mothers by providing them with the tools and resources to understand that there is another way to provide for their families and relieve them of their dependency on the system.

Growing up, Jamisa has always been a fan of freedom. “You cannot control what you don’t own. When I got fired from my first job, I knew I wasn’t meant to be under someone else’s leadership. I thought it made more sense to build an empire of my own. I just didn’t know what that empire would be but God had a plan. As the oldest of nine siblings, I learned that I naturally possessed leadership skills and how to manage responsibility early on,” she says.

Jamisa attributes all her successes to God. “Honestly, without Him, none of my success would be possible. I always stay the course and trust the process, because He navigates it in ways that I could never dream! The way my life has blossomed is unbelievable!”

About Rosebud’s Investments:

Jamisa McIvor is the proud owner of Rosebud’s Investments. Rosebud’s Investments is a company for people interested in real estate investment but unsure on where and how to get started. Rosebud’s Investments offers individualized services in investor processes, for both new and seasoned investors who are looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise. Beginning with their individualized Investment Call, new clients work with a member of the Rosebud’s Investment team to create a blueprint for purchasing property without using credit.


Hosted by Shaneka Lene'

Elite Reality Investors

Shaneka Lene’, affectionately referred to as “Sis” is a real estate investor that has been able to consistently close deals only working 2 hours or less per day!  As a wife and mom of 5, learning to leverage the efforts of others, systemize and effectively market has been major keys to successfully wholesale in a competitive market. Shaneka has only been active in the real estate industry for less than a year, yet has managed to yield 6 figures from wholesale transactions, subject to and owner finance deals. In addition, the self proclaimed marketing mastermind has successfully recruited, trained and keep motivated over 150 deal finders.

Recently, Shaneka has embarked on a new endeavor. She has partnered with some of the most successful ladies in the real estate industry to host a Women’s Only Real Estate Conference in Miami FL Aug 9-11, 2019!  The ladies aim to create a safe space for women of varying levels of success to come together and help 10x their business and address concerns that affect women in a male dominated industry.

Keep your eye on this young lady!  She will be one of the leaders in this industry, guaranteed!

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