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Scenes from Past Lived Wired


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Dr Jamisa Mcivor- Bennett

Dr Jamisa Mcivor -Bennett Bio

As she holds the deed of 27 mortgage-free properties that were purchased through her company, Dr. Jamisa McIvor-Bennett has become one the most powerful and self-starting female entrepreneurs that have tackled the real estate industry by the age of 27! If Wonder Woman was a person Dr. Jamisa would be it! As she is a wife and mother of four, she shows that anything is possible and can be accomplished. Wanting the same success for others, she has created a welfare-to-work program that serves both married and single mothers by providing them with resources and tools to understand that there is another way to provide for their families and to live with stability and independency.

As her hustle mentality sticks with her throughout her journey, it has allowed her to remain focused and push through adversity. By doing so she was blessed with winning an award for being one of the TOP prominent investors in the City of Philadelphia during Philadelphia Real Estate Week in 2018. Her God-filling permitted her to be featured on Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. She was also able speak at events such as a NAACP seminar & Ted Talk in Atlanta this past October.

Firstborns are unique in a family system. Dr. Jamisa is just that, “unique”. Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA Dr. Jamisa is the oldest of 10 siblings. Being raised in a stable environment by her Grandparents, leadership, compassion, and wisdom were instilled in her. She was destined for greatness! Dr. Jamisa is the CEO and Founder of Rosebud’s Investments, a real estate consulting company that teaches financial literacy and the beginning stages of real estate.

Established in 2017, she knew she can make a difference in the community by stressing topics and forming teachings of how to build generational wealth! Going the extra mile is part of Dr. Jamisa's nature! She took on the challenge of earning her certification as a Section 8 Landlord and obtained it in 2015. A year later she broke into the real estate scene by purchasing her first home from her grandmother in 2016. Her grind didn't stop there as she became a Licensed Contractor in 2019.

Finally, yet importantly Dr. Jamisa earned her Honorary Ph.D. in Business and Real Estate Management this year from Harvest Christian University. — She stands today, as not only a strategic successor, but also an icon and leader in the community, through the lifestyle she lives and work she does to continuously educate and offer resources behind real estate logistics and investments.


Krystal Polite


In just a few short years, inspiring power couple Dedric and Krystal Polite have made millions in real estate buying, renovating, flipping and wholesaling houses. But they’ve strategically built long term wealth by also buying and holding rental properties, ensuring financial freedom through passive income and consistent cash flow. In Season 1 of their nationally televised home renovation series viewers got a front-row seat to see how they do it. In Season 2 they’ll renovate 10 more properties, selling some and keeping some in their rental portfolio. In addition they’ll get their feet wet with new construction providing much needed affordable housing for their community.

The ten-episode series follows the dynamic couple as they renovate and flip 10 single and multi-family homes, each one for under $50,000 and all in under 50 days. Unlike any other ‘flipping’ show, the Polites share valuable insight on how to acquire properties at a discount, secure funding and determine whether to rent or sell the homes they’ve purchased and renovated. They show the ‘real’ side to real estate, while always fashionable and dressed for success, another way this fun, personable couple stands out in the home renovation television show space.

Krystal and Dedric started ‘Be Polite Properties’ in North Carolina in 2017, with a goal of lifting communities through home renovation and building generational wealth. In a three-year period, they went from owning three properties to over 70 rental units, valued at over $7 million. Their robust portfolio includes seven businesses focused on both long and short-term rentals, flipping and wholesaling properties, a non profit focused on providing affordable housing, a real estate education company, and a new business launching a chain of family entertainment centers in 2023 and beyond. With Dedric’s expertise in acquisitions, finance, dispositions and raising money and Krystal’s mastery of business, brand management and marketing, they are an in-demand dream team for home transformations, real estate investing, and business growth.

The Polites, parents to two young sons, are passionate about giving back. Always popular on the speaking circuit, they have shared their vast real estate knowledge at over 35 seminars/business events nationwide and on their YouTube channel, eager to educate and empower others to achieve financial independence. Their success was also chronicled in the real estate book ‘Profit Like the Pros,’ written by HGTV star Ken Corsini.

The power couple grew up Boston, with Dedric graduating from Amherst College and Krystal from Northeastern University before both rose quickly in the corporate world. Dedric has worked for the Fortune 500 company Novartis Pharmaceuticals, marketing software giant HubSpot and Ecommerce software company Channel Advisor. Krystal served in management roles at the telecommunications conglomerate Comcast, Boston Scientific and Delaware North before honing her real estate expertise at a large property valuation firm. Now they’re taking the business world by storm while teaching others how to do the same.

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.09.01 AM

Tasha McCray

Tasha McCray Bio

Dr.Tasha McCray is a businesswoman and real estate investor who helps women entrepreneurs work smarter to scale their business and create legacy through real estate investing.

Before starting her coaching career, Tasha worked 25 years as a master’s prepared nurse and hair stylist for 23 years. Tasha is really heavy on mindset, money management, and mission. After two successful careers she now coaches women entrepreneurs on how to make more money in their business then invest it in real estate to become financially free.

Tasha received her honorary doctorate from T.I.U.A. in 2022. She and her husband, Benny, have 7 children and 6 grandchildren who they absolutely adore and love spending time with.
She enjoys playing tennis, golfing, and riding her motorcycle with her husband. Tasha also enjoys RVing around the country with her family.


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Whose ready for the Live WIRED Real Estate Conference in Miami? This is going to be a great event where you can learn from some of the industry’s best and a great networking opportunity as well.

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