The Deal Closer Academy was created to provide wholesalers and real estate investors with the knowledge, tools and skills to close deals that others will pass on. Learning one more strategy could add an additional $20k per month to your business. Imagine learning 12 new strategies……How would that help grow you bottom line?! This training will give you the tools to structure almost any deal that comes across your desk!

Here's a list of lead types or strategies you’ll learn to help you close more deals:

Bonus Strategy#1:

BRRRR- Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

Bonus Strategy #2:

MLS HACK – How to get leads from the MLS that others ignore

Bonus Strategy #3:

Down Payment Arbitrage

Bonus Strategy #4

Deal Finder Bonanza – Learn How To Leverage Others To Send You Free Leads Daily

Bonus #5:

Cold Calling Mastery – Learn how to cold call like a pro from one of the best in the game!

Bonus #6:

Access To All Replay Archives:  Every single class will be recorded and available to review at your leisure.

Bonus #7:

Private Membership Community: Get access to our private community and accountability group.  Our members also get access to discounted tools services and private money lenders.

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